Monday, 11 February 2013

Road trip

had a little run out today, had an errand to run and I thought a trip out would be good for me.. headed down towards new Romney and then onto Camber... bitter sweet experience as it was one of Hayley and my favourite destinations for a short run out, i passed several of the junk shop's that Hayley loved to explore, never tiring of it. Starting to feel like I will never shake this deep sorrow I'm feeling!!! Hayley, I know you will not be able to read this but shit I am missing you so so bloody much, I am getting out and about but I can hardly do a couple of miles without tears in my eyes.. I feel like a complete mess without you, or should that read in-complete because that's how I now feel...
I do know it will fade a little as time goes on but.... hey ho.. head up and forward we go!!!!!!

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