Thursday, 14 February 2013

Happy Valentines day Hayley xxxx

I don't know why on earth I have posted this... Feb 14 is just another day only it is a day when gullible twit's spend money on things that they should have been buying at random times of the year anyway..

 Flowers are for saying I love you, far better to do it on the spur of the moment than in some fake "romantic" gesture, sadly I was always a little lapse when it came to flowers but when I did buy them the smile I used to get was worth a million pounds!!!

Chocolates again should be purchased as a treat again better done as a surprise..

And as for Champagne... well that is worth drinking to celebrate any and every special occasion, whether it is the first warm evening to sit in the garden and watch the stars, the start of the weekend, nothing on the telly so lets have a drink and a chat.. all these things are worth celebrating and we did that on numerous occasions..
Happiest times of my life were sitting in the garden, bottle of chilled champers or one of the excellent french sparklies chilling in the ice bucket, Hayley by my side and the rabbit's doing what only free ranging rabbit's can and that is Binky... no matter what happens in my life from now on, I have those cherished memories but I'm sure going to miss the hell out those times....


  1. Be raising a glass to love lost tonight m'dear.

    1. no alcohol in the house, well apart from about 7 or 8 bottles of Hayley's fiz, might raise a glass of coke with you mate..