Saturday, 2 February 2013

1 step forward

Headed out to my brothers for the evening and was treated to a super home cooked Thai meal, a good(ish) time was had. I then headed for home via Asda for some rabbit supplies as the poor buggers have had a rather boring diet for a few day's as I couldn't face shopping!! that wasn't so bad @ 9pm and the shop was thankfully pretty quiet, find it hard to see couples out shopping at the moment.. went round to the drink's section to pickup some beer for a mate, thought I would treat myself to 1 ale, can't go wrong with that.. couldn't find one beer i fancied drinking!! boy this grief thing does strange things to a person.. me in a drinks section and came away with nothing!!
Got home and that was the worst part, walking into the house and it being empty and silent.. no hug, kiss and greeting from Hayley and no greeting from old Merlin the cat.. we lost her on the 27th December after 19 years with us.. Two of my ladies gone.. the house seems so huge and empty without them... nothing on the telly so an hour on facebook, that felt flat as I guess most of my playmates are out and about.. oh well. bed time now before I lose the battle and start to cry again,, doing OK today.. maybe, just maybe the journey has started....

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