Saturday, 2 March 2013

Well i can say with great certainty that I hate the world today!!! had a good morning at home, watching the rabbits running free in the garden. Headed off around 12 to go and work on my Pop, met my good mate Nervous Mick at the barn and he had another good mate Rob from work with him.. after a couple cups of coffee they departed and I started work on my truck, mainly working out where the engine and gearbox mounts will go.. quite a successful day except for forgetting to take my drill with me.. had to fight off the tears a couple of times as I found little things that Hayley had thoughtfully got me in the past..... mick returned to the Barn and he finished off the painting of the floor of our new bike storage area.. we both left around 6ish for the journey back home.. now sitting in floods of tears as I haven't got my mate to talk to...
Yup life is shit!!! period....
I am getting longer periods of clarity and calm, but when the gates open boy do they open and if I'm driving I have to pull over... I miss Hayley more today than I have ever before, I got a text whilst up the barn which made my heart stop for a second.. I know this will ease, I know i will survive but just at this moment in time I couldn't care less, all I want is to sit and talk the evening away as we did on oh so many occasions..
Hayley if you can hear me, I love you and I'm missing you more and more as each day passes..

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