Sunday, 24 March 2013

sorry about my out burst the other day, it was a red wine fueled rant about unscrupulous scum bag's..
Been having a hard few day's, outside influences have been putting a whole heap of pressure on me and my resolve has been a little shaky... Thank you to all who were concerned enough to make contact, you know who you are XX
Probably had the worst Saturday night so far, had made plans to go visit a Hotrod Shop's open night, but failed to find any fellow travelers and I couldn't handle the journey on my own.. spent the evening moving from sofa to study, computer to tv and could I find anything to keep me occupied? could I hell!!! I have never felt so alone as I did last night.. sure I could have picked up the phone and gone out to visit but I have got to be able to feel comfortable with my own company.. I don't do pub's anymore so that's out as an option, mind you there isn't anywhere local to me that I would want to spend either my time or hard earned in even if I was a pub person..
Went into the garage to chat with my rabbit's and disturbed them mid grooming session.. I felt like a gooseberry so left them to it.. I am so glad I have them for company but do wish they were a little more interactive than they are, though it does please me that they are so happy with each other that I am just a necessary part of their lives to supply food and cleaning..means I can leave them alone all day without a worry... still you can't have everything eh!!
That is what I miss so much about not having Hayley around.. we honestly didn't need much in life to be happy, we had each other, our pets and our hobbies.. don't really need much more than that.. well extra sheckles always help's!! Funny thing is, the Cosmic supply company has turned up several of my dream item's recently at good prices, there was a time when this would have made as happy as a dog with 2 tails... now it just makes me thankful I have these interest's to keep me moving.. nothing is the same without Hayley to share it with.. god I miss you missus.. XXXXXXXXXXXXX

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