Thursday, 21 March 2013

quiet evening at home, rabbits in the garage, f**k all on the telly, roast pork for dinner.. not quite the same without you missus.. F****ng creditors have started to hassle me now, how rude and unprofessional is that to send letters demanding money to a person that they have been informed has passed away!!!!! a knife into the heart couldn't feel more painful at this moment...
I WAS happy to settle the debt's but now feel like F*CK em.. take me to court you heartless f**ks!!!
slipped on my non alcohol promise as well.... purchased a bottle of red to do Coq au vin and have mullered it tonight.... sorry H but it is so f***ing hard without you...
missing you more than ever today... love you lot's XXXXXXXXX


  1. In ways we do not understand, our loved one will be present in our lives forever. Something good will happen tomorrow or the day after. Keep the faith and love will lead you through this horrible pain. x

  2. you welcome, was worried by your drop in mood. Can't begin to imagine how you feel but if you need an extra ear to listen i'll always listen. send you hugs x

  3. I have a few legal things going on that are causing me some great stress at the moment, handed it all over to a solicitor now to ease the pain.. thanks for caring xx