Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Hospital, find time to say thankyou

I know that at a time like this, the last thing you think about is the team of people behind the scenes at the hospital who work tirelessly 24/7/365 to do their utmost to either save a life or to make a person as comfortable as thay can in their last hours.
We all hear the horror stories of bad treatment and shoddy care BUT we seldom hear of the good care and excellent treatment that people receive. Well I have been in the fortunate position recently of seeing not only superb and successful treatment ( my 86 year old father had bowl cancer last year and was treated very successfully and has made an amazing recovery) from Maidstone hospital but I have also seen the dignity and respectful treatment of a person who has no hope of recovery from the team at Pembury who cared for my late wife. Everytime they wanted to check something or move her they spoke to Hayley telling her exactly what they were doing and why even though she wouldn't have heard a word. The team even took as much time to explain to me and other members of the family the situation even though we struggled at times to take in what they were saying.. Hayley's team of nurses Anne,Christopher and especially Pauline the night nurse were just superb and I do have to thank with all my heart the organ donor coordinator Jessica for her patience, kind words and constant presence during that heart wrenching time sitting waiting outside the theater waiting for Hayley to pass. Jessica and Pauline made the whole thing bearable.. thankyou both so so much..
I do hope that by reading this, if you have a positive experience no matter the outcome you will take time to publicly thank the hospital's team for their help and dedication, something I feel in this world we do far to infrequently..
So thankyou one and all, you made what was an extremely traumatic and painful time for me one that is to be cherished rather than forgotten, I for one will never ever forget your kindness.. XXX Love, Peace and Respect.. Shaun XXX

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