Wednesday, 10 April 2013

God life is hard, far harder than I ever could have imagined!! I have good day's now with very little trauma, but shit when that trauma hit's it hit's hard... I am moving forward Hayley.. trying to get my life back ontrack but it means fuck all without you.. I am exploring avenues that would have been well out of reach had you still been around, I have the opportunity to own things that would have only been a dream had things turned out differently!! but does this make me feel any better? does it hell !!! given the chance I would give up everything I currently own and could possibly own in the future to have you back here, I miss you more than I can possibly ever say, some times I wish I could go to sleep and not wake up, but then I worry about what would happen to the rabbit's!!
I hope if you can see and hear me you can at least know I miss you, my life is not worth chuff all now but I will keep on treading that tread mill, keep the rabbit's happy and well cared for, build things that seem important but really don't mean shit!! but in all honesty I'm just awaiting my time to come and see you again..
miss you loads. XXXXXXXXXXXXX

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